Plebeian (usually pronouned ‘plibeean’, with emphasis on the long ‘ee’) came into English from Latin in the 1500s, referring originally to a commoner of ancient Rome, ironically the root Latin word is also ‘pleb’ or ‘plebs’, meaning ‘the common people’. Plebescite later acquired wider meaning in English referring to the vote or collective view of the masses, for example recorded in commentary of the (French people’s) popular approval of the 1851 French coup d’état. Pleb was first recorded in US English in 1852. Partridge Slang additionally cites mid-1800s English origins for pleb, meaning , a tradesman’s son at Westminster College, alongside ‘plebe’, a newcomer at West Point military academy in New York state. piggy bank – pig-shaped pot traditionally used to save coins – it is suggested very widely and anecdotally that piggy bank derives from the word pygg, supposedly being an old English word for a type of clay , from which early (middle-age) storage jars were made.

  • The goals would be set by Congress and those goals would be very clearly in depth informational programming, cultural programming, programming for children.
  • But we started out just the opposite in the early ’50s.
  • Usually they could get up to a speed of fifteen to eighteen words a minute.
  • Well, I don’t know if I have a personal legacy other than being the queen of transfers.
  • They weren’t even interested in television programs.

At the time, however, we had the Tallahassee, Florida franchise. We ran into real severe local financial and political opposition from a broadcaster there named Phipps, who came from a very wealthy family. We ultimately sold to him after building about eighty-five miles of Spencer-Kennedy plant in Tallahassee. But a lot of our money had gone into that and we still had rampant growth on the East coast of Florida to follow with some of these proceeds from the public sale of our stock and what money we could borrow. We raised only about $1,200,000 net to us in that original, small public offering that the underwriters placed for us.

Jack runs into Rudy outside and sits with him while waiting for his father. Jack asks Rudy if he will do him a favor a give a letter to Kim, which contains some jimmy g’s check cashing things he wants her to know. Jack tells Rudy that the dojo will always be home, but Rudy reassures him that the scholarship is an opportunity of a lifetime.

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In fact, when we put our business plan together, I looked at it later and it was so inadequate as to be ludicrous. We didn’t realize all the problems and the difficulty in getting the utility rearrangements so we could get on the poles. The enormous amounts of time and money that were required to obtain customers and the inability of the equipment to produce quality pictures when you extended it very far. In fact, we finally decided to move our antenna site.

Like two kids and one apple, you let one kid cut the apple, but the other one gets to pick his half. That’s exactly what Rosencrans and I had to do. Bob Rosencrans and I had to divide the company into two balanced lists, not only financially and from the standpoint of value, but to some extent respecting geography. We were scattered from Washington to Florida and Brookhaven, Long Island to El Centro, California on the Mexican border. Immediately thereafter, meetings were held between UA and the Rogers boards. We formed our new board of directors and, at least lip service was paid in those days, to leaving the American management in place.

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If it’s information and if it’s got to be perceived by the senses, if it can be seen by eyes or heard by ears or keyed in on a keyboard by the fingers, I guess we can transmit it both to and from a home and charge money for doing so. I guess I’m reminded of a thesis that belongs to Alvin Toffler who wrote, Future Shock, years ago. He said that he felt like this is part of the future shock of our civilization, and especially in this country.

Why that phone call was made no one knows. I suspect it was made because the cable arm of the theater company was suddenly outgrowing its master. In the meantime, Rosencrans and I were looking for other things.

This upsets Grandpa McCrary, who wants to reignite the feud, but Milton tells him that there cannot be another 100-year feud; instead, Grandpa McCrary decides that whichever family loses the games shall be banished from the valley forever. There are three challenges in the game, and Kim takes on Megan in the first challenge, but ends up losing, while Jack takes on Clammer in the second challenge and manages to win. In the final challenge, Milton figures out how he can beat Angus, one of the strongest people in the McCrarys. The rules do not say that the boulder must be carried, just that it must pass the finish line.

Chambers suggests that the French taximetre is actually derived from the German taxameter, which interestingly gave rise to an earlier identical but short-lived English term taxameter recorded in 1894, applied to horsedrawn cabs. sweep the board – win everything – based on the metaphor of winning all the cards or money stake in a game of cards. Partridge says first recorded about 1830, but implies the expression could have been in use from perhaps the 1600s. This is certainly possible since board meant table in older times, which is the association with card games played on a table. The spelling has been ‘board’ from the 1500s. It was previously bord, traceable to Old Saxon, also meaning shield, consistent with similar foreign words dating back to the earliest beginnings of European language.

Anytime Jerrold or Raytheon or anybody had any kind of a school, they paid my way and I was free to go there. I started out getting $68 a week or maybe $72 a week or they would give me a raise. I loved this cable so much that I would start out at six or seven in the morning and we’d work until dark when we couldn’t see any more. As I mentioned, you had to do your own splicing, balancing the systems was extremely crude.

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The copyright owners sold it only for Chicago. Retransmission consent went out but it was too late. We really should have done it way back in the ’60s, in the jimmy g’s check cashing mid ’60s. When we did it and put it out after the decision in ’68‑‑we put it out in ’69 as I recall‑‑it just sat there and was a way of freezing television.

This all raises further interesting questions about the different and changing meanings of words like biscuit and bun. Biscuit in America is a different thing to biscuit in Britain, the latter being equivalent to the American ‘cookie’. Bun to many people in England is a simple bread roll or cob, but has many older associations to sweeter baked rolls and cakes . The bum refers both to bum meaning tramp, and also to the means of ejection, i.e., by the seat of the pants, with another hand grasping the neck of the jacket. Bum also alludes to a kick up the backside, being another method of propulsion and ejection in such circumstances.

As he came around and made the 270 point and came back up to finish the top of the loop – the cable was of course pointed vertically at that time – he contacted some of the secondary power on that pole. Fortunately, it did not electrocute him, but fried about two or three pole spans of cable. He had just workman’s gloves on, not even rubber gloves. We hadn’t really thought about that being a problem.

It helped me understand most everything that we needed to do. The only thing that I didn’t have any training in was the Morse code. My folks had moved to Lewistown during the war. My dad had been transferred from the Hollidaysburg area first to the Clearfield area and then finally to the Lewistown area. I reapplied at State College and I guess it was in the fall of 1946 before I could start again. Maybe it was the spring semester of 1947.

With tensions already high, everyone starts arguing, but Eddie, who had warned them earlier about this, yells at them to stop it. The others realize how they have been acting and all agree to drop at the same time, but when they do, they see that Eddie has double-crossed them and is still hanging. Eddie wins the competition and receives the title of Wasabi Warrior.

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Online banks offer lower interest rates than traditional banks because they have not had enough time to establish themselves. Online banks offer lower interest rates than traditional banks because that is the cost of convenience. Why do certificates of deposit tend to offer better interest rates than money market accounts? jimmy g’s check cashing Certificates of deposit involve a longer time commitment than money market accounts, so they carry a greater return. Certificates of deposit are only available to the bank’s most proven and valuable customers, so the bank can afford to give a greater interest rate on them. They do not offer a better interest rate.

We had many times when we couldn’t solve a problem one place and then later on we’d find a way to solve it and go back and solve the other one. It was a lot of just learning on the job. I can recall trying all different types of converters, different types of preamplifiers, and everything to make that Channel 61 signal work.